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Bad Business Script | SILENT AIM -2022

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Bad Business is a fun and entertaining game. There are fun maps and fun modes. You can destroy people more easily with a lion. You can win all games. You can access everything you want, including seeing all the positions of all the players, the ratings of all the other players, and enjoy more games.

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Bad Business Script is a roguelike platformer created by the developers of roblox. It's completely open source, meaning there are no paywalls or blocked content. Bad Business Script is a fully open source no purchase game with real rewards.

Bad Business, a completely free-to-play platform game created by the developers of roblox, has many different modes for players to choose from. The game offers some great gameplay mechanics like daily battles and boss battles where players have to fight against human players and monsters.

Bad Business Script is a great game that offers players the option to fight with other people or play against AI. There are single and multiplayer modes, as well as beautiful graphics and a great soundtrack.

Features Of Bad Business Script ;


The game also features some cool mechanics like obstacles, object scaling, and dynamite; you can use them to destroy your opponent's equipment. Bad Business is a fun and entertaining game.

There are fun maps and fun modes. You can destroy people more easily with a lion. You can win all games. We will show you a Bad Business Script Gui that you can use comfortably and have a lot of fun. Bad Business is a fun and entertaining game.

Bad Business Script is an open source gaming software that can be installed on almost all platforms, including PC. It is written in JavaScript and is based on the standard scripting engine Blueprints, which was first introduced in “Roblox: Sandbox.

How to Use Bad Business Script ;

  1. You need a Bad Business Script to run the script.

  2. .You need an exploit to bring the script to the game Copy the script code and open the your exploit. Paste the exploit your script.

  3. Inject the game Bad Business.

  4. Then execute and check if the your script is opened.

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Bad Business Script is a totally fun game with tons of fun modes and maps. With a cheat engine, you can access anything you want, so you're open to all kinds of fun. There are many game characters with funny skins, so you can choose from many options.

script ;

local input = game:GetService('UserInputService')
local replicated = game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage')
local players = game:GetService('Players')
local localPlayer = players.LocalPlayer
local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera

local tortoise = require(game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage').TS)
local reticle = tortoise.Input.Reticle
local characters = tortoise.Characters
local team = tortoise.Teams
local projectiles = tortoise.Projectiles

local weaponInfo = {}
for c,k in next, replicated.Items.Base:GetChildren() do
   local config = k:FindFirstChild('Config', true)
   if config then weaponInfo[k.Name] = require(config) end

local bulletInfo = getupvalue(projectiles.InitProjectile, 1)

local function getBulletData()
   local me = characters:GetCharacter(localPlayer)
   local backPack = me and me:FindFirstChild('Backpack')
   if not backPack then return end

   local equipped = backPack:FindFirstChild('Equipped')
   if not equipped then return end

   local projectile = weaponInfo[tostring(equipped.Value)]
   if not projectile or not projectile.Projectile then return end

   return bulletInfo[projectile.Projectile.Template]

local function predict(part : Instance)
   local distance = (part.Position - camera.CFrame.p).magnitude
   local bulletData = getBulletData()
   if not bulletData then return end

   local timeToHit = distance / bulletData.Speed
   local velocity = part.Velocity +, bulletData.Gravity * (timeToHit/2), 0)
   local hitPosition = part.Position + (velocity * timeToHit)

   return hitPosition

local function nearestTarget(bone : string)
   local info = {
       distance = math.huge,
       player = nil,
       character = nil,
       bone = nil

   for _, player in next, players:GetPlayers() do
       if player == localPlayer then continue end
       local areFriendly = team:ArePlayersFriendly(player, localPlayer)
       local character = characters:GetCharacter(player)

       local body = (character and character:FindFirstChild('Body'))
       local bone = (body) and (body:FindFirstChild(bone))
       if areFriendly or not bone then continue end

       local screenPoint, onScreen = camera:WorldToScreenPoint(bone.Position)
       if not onScreen then continue end
       local mousePosition = input:GetMouseLocation()
       local distance = (, screenPoint.y) - mousePosition).magnitude
       if distance > info.distance then continue end
       info = {
           distance = distance,
           player = player,
           character = character,
           bone = bone

   return info

local reticleLookVector = reticle.LookVector
reticle.LookVector = function(...)
   local nearest = nearestTarget('Head')
   if nearest.player then
       local prediction = predict(nearest.bone)
       if prediction then
           return, prediction).lookVector

   return reticleLookVector(...)

-- Function check bypass
setupvalue(reticle.GetPosition, 1, reticle.LookVector)
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