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Counter Blox Gui Script | SilentAim, Aim Bot, More -2023

Counter Blox Remastered Script is a popular cheat used in the game Counter Blox Roblox Edition, which is a modified version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The purpose of this cheat is to give players an advantage over other players by providing strategies such as wall hacking, imbotting, etc.

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However, while this trick may work and give players a competitive edge, it also ruins the gaming experience for others. Counter Blox is a popular first-person shooter on Roblox based on the popular Counter Strike game. The game was created by the user "Dooma" in early 2016 and has grown to more than two million users. The principle of the game is very similar to Counter Strike; You are placed on a map with other players and you have to fight to the death using different guns.

However, there are significant differences between these two games. For example, in Counter Blox the gun is faster and the ammo is unlimited. Additionally, these maps are smaller and more complex than those in Counter Strike. This can make the game easier than in Counter Strike; However, it also makes the game less predictable. Despite these differences, Counter Blox is still one of the most popular games on Roblox for its intense and fast gameplay.

Features Of Counter Blox Gui Script ;

  • Silent Aimbot

  • Highlight ESP

  • Kill All

  • Anti-Aim

  • Change Team

  • Instantly Defuse Bomb

  • Infinite Ammo

  • Spinbot

  • Ear-Rape Everyone

  • Annoy Everyone (Chat,NO CD)

  • Troll Section

  • Give Other Players Hacks

  • Added Wall Check Silent Aim

  • Moved Old Silent Aim to RAGE tab

  • Optimized Script Performance (Re-Wrote most code)

  • Free Exploit Support

  • Money Farm

  • FOV changer

  • Third Person

  • Ammo Modifier

  • More

Counter Blox Remastered Script is a popular cheat for Counter Blox game on Roblox. This article allows players to move, fly, and run faster than usual. It also gives players invincibility and the ability to walk on walls. However, although this script makes the game more fun and easy to play, it also removes some of the challenges in the game. It was ported to Roblox in 2016 and has been popular ever since.

The basic game mechanics are the same as in Counter Strike, but it is much simpler than this game due to the simple controls and smaller maps. Although it is not as popular as it was when it came out, I have heard many people say that they still enjoy playing it. Counter Blox is a popular game on Roblox based on the game Counter Strike. He is known for his strong play and competitive nature.

How to Use The Counter Blox Gui Script ;


loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

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