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Hood Modded Op Script | Silent Aim, And More! - 2022

Updated: Mar 5

I will share the script of the game called Hood Modded Op Script with you today, but as you all know, first of all, I need to talk about the cheat and the game. i will share. Now this game was published on Roblox 2 years ago and it has more than 150 million total visits. increasing. Of course, this number may be even lower when you look at it, and the popularity of higher games has never remained constant, Roblox has always been changing.

Features Of Hood Modded Op Script

  • Silent Aim

  • Infinite Jump

  • Trash Talk

  • And More!

The Silent Aim feature is the most popular feature of the Hood Modded Op Script cheat, I mean, many people use today's script just to use this feature, and this feature is much better and more useful compared to other ordinary features, and it is one of the rare features, I think other cheats do not have this feature. knows, so I suggest you try it without wasting time. Of course, there are people who use the hack in other features, for example, there will be people who seek or want to use this cheat in other features such as the Infinite Jump feature. For More Free Roblox Scripts.

How to Use Hood Modded Op Script :

  1. You need a Hood Modded Op Script to run the script.

  2. You need an exploit to bring the script to the game Copy the script code and open the your exploit. Paste the exploit your script.

  3. Inject the game Hood Modded.

  4. Then execute and check if the your script is opened.

  5. Don’t forget to check out other Free Roblox Scripts and Gui content on the site.

Script :

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