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Mad City Script | Kill All, And More! - 2022

Updated: Mar 5

I will introduce Mad City Script to you my friends today. now this game has not caught its old popularity for a long time, but somehow after the last updates, the game It got better and started to be played, the game, which used to be played for 2k, now the number of players has increased by 5 times. This can be considered as a very good come back in my opinion, assuming that Mad City was founded many years ago, it is not a miraculous event for it to come back.

Features Of Mad City Script

  • Kill All

I'm sure now you're thinking of the following sentence. A cheat called Mad City Script has come out and it only has the Kill All feature? You may think, but you are sure that you are wrong. Thanks to this feature, you can easily kill everyone, and no one can oppose you or fight.

You because, with the left click of the mouse, all your enemies will instantly disappear. In this way, you will be an invincible player in the game and you can get time to develop easily, so your game pleasure will increase 2 times. For More Free Roblox Scripts.

How to Use Mad City Scriptİ

  1. You need a Mad City Script to run the script.

  2. You need an exploit to bring the script to the game Copy the script code and open the your exploit. Paste the exploit your script.

  3. Inject the game Mad City.

  4. Then execute and check if the your script is opened.

  5. Don’t forget to check out other Free Roblox Scripts and Gui content on site

Script :

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